Full Body Reflexology Treatment: 60 Min. Only $80.00

A typical reflexology session begins by cleansing the feet with a warm tea bath or with a steaming towel.

While your feet are soaking in a hot detoxifying tea bath, let one of our reflexology experts work out all the tensions in your neck, shoulders, arms and back. During the rest of your 1 hour treatment, all pressure points in your head and feet will be worked on to complete the full body treatment.

Asian Bodywork Acupressure & Deep Tissue Massage: 60 Min. Only $90.00

Eden's Asian Bodywork service is an unique blend of acupressure and other Asian massage techniques that will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. Normally performed in our common room fully clothed. Private rooms are also available for an additional charge.

Acupressure is the practice of applying pressure to certain points in the body to create health or heal specific ailments. It works the same way that acupuncture works. However, with acupressure, the pressure is applied through pressing the points with the fingers or elbows.

The deep tissue technique is commonly designed to help with muscle damage from injuries and sports, but also if you are deeply stressed. This treatment will loosen your body up and relieve it of toxins with its slower, more forceful strokes as it targets certain areas for greater relief. The deep tissue process is known to vastly improve the condition of many different body parts.

Hot Stone Massage: 60 Min. Only $90.00

Hot Stone Massage is a specialty massage where an Eden's tranied therapist uses smooth, heated stones, either as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body while they massage other parts of the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so our therapist can work more deeply, more quickly.

Scalp & Face Massage: 30 Min. Only $50.00

This massage relaxes facial tension and is beneficial to those suffering from headaches. The treatment also aids in the general relief of stress.